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Welcome To The Psychic Gym

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Welcome To Helen Leathers’ Psychic Gym

Helping You To Flex Your Intuitive & Psychic Muscles

JOIN HELEN’S PSYCHIC GYM NOW FOR JUST £47 – just click here!

What is included In Your Membership?

The Psychic Gym provides a 12 week program with a workout and activities to undertake each week. You will receive weekly reminders by email to help you keep on track.

You will also receive your own personal workbook, MP3 downloads & live support via an online forum PLUS a selection of EXTRA GOODIES FOR FREE to get you started.
As well as your workbook and audio downloads you will receive:

  • A FREE Crystal Starter Set
  • A FREE dowsing Pendulum
  • PLUS 2 Extra Introductory Guides
  • AND a Free Bonus Workout

Personal support, q&a sessions and coaching is also provided via an online Facebook forum where you can interact with Helen as well as other gym members. This is often an essential element for beginners who find themselves out on a limb and feeling like they are the only ones going through the process.

VALUED AT OVER £150 – Psychic Gym Membership Is Yours for

JUST £47


Please Note: Membership of The Psychic Gym is for over 18’s only. Terms & Conditions

What Are The Benefits Of Joining The Psychic Gym?

This workout plan will give you small manageable tasks to do each week to help you develop your psychic or intuitive side.

During this course of workouts you will be introduced to the basics of energy work, developing and understanding your intuition, then we’ll look at different areas within psychic development to help you build your skills and knowledge (including psychometry, dowsing and more). It’s the perfect foundation for you to then build on and develop your skills further and to help you to discover what you enjoy and what you’re particularly talented at.

The Psychic Gym – Where Psychic Development Is Made Simple

Each workout is delivered by Helen Leathers on video and in writing to allow for the different ways that people learn. You will also receive homework, worksheets and where useful audio downloads.

You won’t be a world renowned medium medium at the end of 12 weeks but it’s a great start in developing your intuition and basics skills for psychic development.

I’ve found that when you engage with it, this type of work can bring a huge number of benefits including:

  • Learning about yourself
  • Develop a more spiritual perspective
  • Controlling your psychic abilities
  • Understand yourself better
  • Become happier with yourself
  • Become more sensitive to other people
  • Develop your gut instinct
  • Become more patient and kind

Could it help you to get in the flow of life, and improve things for you? Quite possibly, I have seen so many people benefit from this type of development that I believe pretty much anything is possible. It has done all these things for me, and more.

The interesting part, the most important part as far as you’re concerned is what it could do for you.


Please Note: Membership of The Psychic Gym is for over 18’s only. Terms & Conditions


Perhaps You Would Prefer A Book On This Subject?

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